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COVID 19 and the Studio


We understand there is a lot of uncertainty in the community surrounding Coronavirus. At this point, it is 'business as usual' for our studio, but we are committed to making some changes in order to ensure we are able to stay open and provide a space for our community to practice. Because in times of fear and uncertainty, a regular yoga practice can help us all to feel secure, grounded and steady.

Over the coming little while you may see some timetable changes:

  • Brooke is currently overseas and will be self- isolating herself on her return in line with government recommendations and as a precaution.

  • We are seeking advice on our heated classes and may change them to non-heated classes if need be.

  • We may have the occasional class cancellation should teachers be unwell, in self-isolation or minding children should schools close. We will do our best to find covers so as many classes will be on as possible, but we thank you for your patience should we not be able to run a class.

Changes within the studio effective immediately:

  • We will no longer be using our shared props (blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps). If you have your own, you are welcome to bring them to each class.

  • We have removed the hand towels from the bathrooms and replaced with disposable paper towels. Please place these in the bins in the bathrooms and not in the toilets when you've used them.

  • We are now using a Dettol surface cleaner for the mats, instead of our vinegar and essential oils mix. We are confident that our own mix has worked well in the past but we are aware that our community may wish to use something a little more 'industrially robust' during this time. Once this is over, we will revert back to our chemical free solution.

  • Our mats will still be available for use, but if you have your own, please consider bringing it and using it instead.

  • We have removed our water glasses and tea cups from use. Please bring your own water bottle to fill up.

  • Teachers will not be offering close contact adjustments.

  • Please avoid physical contact in the studio when greeting each other.

If you have any questions or concern, please speak to Christie or any of the teachers. We are all committed to providing a safe space to continue our practice.


The Yoga One Nine team xo